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We are your partner for Tactical, Operational and Strategic excellence! 

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People, Process, and Technology

We work with you and figure out exactly what services your business needs to run more efficiently. From complex projects requiring the leveraging of technological resources to routine tasks that simply need adherence to better process management. It all starts in the hands of well led people that have vision and purpose.  

At Kodiak 5 we know the 'fit' you are looking for enhances your productivity.  We cover all aspects of project, and team management across a variety of roles.  We are always looking to integrate the solution that is right for you into your work-space. 

The Intersection of your Information and Personal Service

We know you need to have your data at your fingertips. You are a professional that looks beyond the document.  It is your "content" that is most valuable.   We can help.  

From lightning fast recall via OCR and indexed digital document management; to physical recall of hard copy records, our teams augment your culture.  We aim to grow  your business beyond your dreams, and we have the tools to get you there!  

Regulatory Compliance & Confidentiality

Are you concerned about regulatory and government compliance rules for data handling and storage? We can expertly apply the principles behind successful Information Governance to your current system.  Additionally we can provide you with cutting edge tools that will secure your content platforms while enhancing document search-ability. 

Customer Service and Support

All of our employees know that our job is supporting you, and it's imperative to show the value we bring.  Every on-site lead is empowered with decision rights that maximize your level of satisfaction because we aim to be a valuable partner to you, and your organization.   

This requires trust, flexibility, and putting your priorities before ours.  We will do this with a smile! 


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